Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Mental health awareness and taking to steps to control mental health and building a happier life

This week it is Mental Health awareness week and being someone who has mental health problems, such as Anxiety and psychosis, I am glad that people are getting to understand and how to help someone you know has a Mental Health condition. 

Just to say I am fine and got to grips with it and doing different things like having a good routine to handle it and not allow it to grab hold of me, like it has done and I do take medication too, but getting to the point I know I don't need home help. I was being seen by Surrey Intervention team and Merton, which is the borough I live in now. 

The steps I have taken is make sure sleep well, lastnight I struggled because I went out for a meal and was good fun, but when drinking alcohol and didn't drink a lot, can effect my sleep but I am ok with that, as I know I can catch up on sleep tonight and have a early night, and going out with friends and family can make a difference. It is good to have a routine but it also important to have fun. 

I used the time where I couldn't sleep to work on editing my book, as I have a new book that I had published, but took down as it needed editing more and want when get to read it, get so much out of it, and have a good laugh and get their monies worth. 

Organizing and sorting through areas of your life and I am still doing an Autumn Reset I have been sharing that helps me, so I have more abundance, and to move with my life by letting things that make me unhappy go and concentrate on things that make me happy. 

Happiness is can be found and finding a way to lower the habit of worrying and educate yourself over your mental health and what triggers you get and how to control them. 

I wrote a blog this week on my site: Everyone can build a castle, on letting things go, and that is something that has become a regular habit and I feel so good afterwards, and focus on working on my mind and understanding it, so I can continue to build happiness and not feel dubious about my life and where it is heading and what is affecting it. 

Find a happy place and find a happy song, and fine a happy picture and a happy exercise routine and a happy person that you have a good connection with and look forward to talking too and talk to yourself, when the triggers of mental health start to show it self again. 

It has come and go, but now in a place where I can manage it and help live a happier life and get as much out of life, than ever before. 

So, let work together on Mental Health and help those who you know have issues like you and work together in getting better. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Typical London Gal  

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