Friday, 20 May 2022

Taking a break and what I like to do on Fridays/End of another week

So now it is Friday the end of the week, and I feel it. Friday is where I get bits done that hadn't in the week and any last bits of writing I can do, so I can have my night off on Saturday, and sets me up when I am back with my writing on Sunday. 

I like regularity and knowing what is to come next, and fear if I am knocked off guard, for example falling ill, whether that is me or someone in my family, that may change the plans I have made. "Who knows what is going to happen?" I hear people say, and that is true, but it never stops the surprise of life, and never stops the feelings that come with unexpected events. 

Friday is when my son stays with me and so I have gotten into the routine of preparing for that, like make his bed, clear rubbish and basically tidy up. I don't always feel like doing that, but something I like to do for my son, and for me. It helps to set me up for the weekend. 

I have to give myself respect, and that means allowing Friday's to do different habits to what I do at the rest of the weeks, example: above I tidy up and prep for my son, who stays with me until Sunday. 

You have to take a break, and realise that you are okay to feel tired and that you need a break. Yet when we do we then can feel guilty like we don't deserve a break.

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Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

My Everyday Fears and worrying

When I am travelling on the bus I have this fear about someone sitting next to me, because I had an experience where I was travelling to work, as I worked at a Call Centre at the time, made me wait until he got off first and wouldn't let me pass. 

Now I envision not being able to get off because of that person, and so fear someone sitting next to me won't let me get off. 

I am at the moment working on my yearly Life Coaching programme "2022 Project" helping others to have a better year and better life (you can check out my blogs and videos via this site I write on Wordpress platform:

So now when someone sits by me and say to myself "I will get off" and reassure myself that I will get off at my stop I need and avoid the worry of this. 

Everyone deserves a sit on the bus too, and not up to me.

It is also because I like my space, and that there isn't always enough room, but still who am I in hogging that seat next to me? 

As I continue to write this blog I did give up that seat today and did feel good in doing so, and it was a woman so didn't feel so worried about it. I fear a man sitting next to me, because of the experience I had encountered, and talked about above. 

I want to stop this fear, and not sure of a solution, but needs to workout.

If you have fears that effect you everyday and want to share then please do. You can leave a comment below.

I suppose it would be for me to catch the train, but get worry about the same thing and will still be busy, and it is cheaper to travel on the bus. 

So, when it comes to everyday fears like I have, it means that this has become a habit, to have the fear of not being able to get off the bus, I also keep thinking I forgotten or lost something out of my bag, so going to start putting a list together to stop this and make it a habit to clear out my bag at least once a week.

Worrying is a habit and to deal with my worry I like to learn from others like Mel Robbins because she talks about what she has done to eliminate it and go through your worries. 

  • I do always get off the bus, 
  • I have all I need with me everyday.

That is what I need to remember and to relax. 

What about you, 

  • Do you worry? 
  • How have to dealt with them?

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Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, 16 May 2022

Great days that save you money and my view on theme parks

So it is Sunday when I began this blog and spent the weekend with my son and yesterday celebrated my nieces birthday and when to Bracknell, where I have never been before and really is nice. I wish I had checked the name of it.

The climbing frames were all wooden and had trim trails and benches and places where you can sit and have a picnic. 

It so cost effective, there is a kiosk that sell drinks and snacks, toilets and softplay. I believe in taking my son out to play that is cost effective and so good to explore different parks in the UK that is easy to get to.

I love a park that gives my son a good time to explore, feed the ducks and swans if there is lake nearby and has plenty of climbing frames and swings and caters for all ages. This one had a soft play and Go Ape, which my nieces, her sister and friends did and if they aren't scared of heights can do, and they are safe to do. 

Theme parks are okay but they can be expensive, depending when you go, and is a place I like to take to Henry but tend to do these, once a year, but parks like we went to on Saturday you can go last minute and still have lots of fun. 

I never do the Sun Newspaper deals, for theme parks but plenty do, and can save you money, but when I have heard about people using these, a date is given to you when your tickets using the son vouchers can be used and have been none transferable, and so if you can't go, you can't use them for another day. 

I don't like to go when they are very busy because of queuing up for rides, and if it rains all day can take the fun away and can be restricted of what rides you can go on, and so becomes a waste of money, but you could get what was called, "A rainy day discount", and you can get fast track tickets, but these can sell out fast. 

This is why I love parks, like Battersea because they have a few playgrounds, a pond and a Zoo, which you can visit and cheaper, and you can ride on paddle boats and funny bikes they have. These are popular and depend on the weather but you can always go back another sunny day and just turn up. 

Now it is Spring and soon to be summer, looking to explore more parks like the one we went to on Saturday and not having to wait around to get on a ride.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, 2 May 2022

Bank Holiday Weekend/Having a week off and things been working on

No I haven't written this blog daily as planned but my son this week has Chicken Pox and so been spending time with my son, who is full of energy still, but covered in spots and is reluctant to have the spray as couldn't get cream to help, and so been challenging, but we are getting through it and he is and I are looking forward for him to return to school. 

In the UK we have a bank holiday on this coming Monday and so means no school and for some no work to go to, and get an extra day off. 

I am going to keep going for walks and it felt so good as we have been confined indoors and so it was good to go out again and spend time strolling along watching others go about their day too. 

Already I have my Pj's on and had shower so tomorrow I can get up, get dressed and go out and then Tuesday it is back to school again. 

Last week made me see that planning still never goes ahead so always good to have a plan B, and took notebooks and a book to read to travel to and from my sons home and working in the evenings and taking a break from my blogs, books and videos, did help me reset and spend quality time with my son.

I am now starting my Life Coaching programme "2022 Project" which began a day ago and it is going to help you have a better life and a better year. 

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Now my son should be okay to go back to school I will be writing more daily blogs on this site and so many thanks to those who have read my blogs on the site and soon it will be summer time and hopefully more rain free days.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X 

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

The Easter Holidays 2022

Welcome back to my daily blog, I took a break from blogging on this site whilst on holiday for the Easter holidays and spent time doing a bit of outside work at a holiday club and then second week with my son, and now it is back to normal with school starting again and it was enjoyable the Easter Holidays, but do feel ready for the usual routine of school and getting up super early and continue with writing and travelling a lot, whilst looking for other outdoor work.

What I am looking forward to is walking and reading in between travelling to do the school run, walking along by the Local River in London, and thinking about going swimming again and doing some indoor workouts. I want to work and write in a coffee shop for some days and having a coffee and writing in a park. Just exploring and writing and doing some more outdoor work doing different things, and making the most of my time. 

I find a lot of good ideas come from walking and visiting different places, grab a coffee on the way which I often write about, as it just helps me have peace and good for wellness and managing the mind. Feeling stressed can weigh you down, and with walking it helps clear all that and be present and focus on what is around me. When living in England you never know what the weather is like until you get outdoors but never stops. I may walk a shorter route on rainy days, but when it is sunny I like to walk and take it all in managing my thoughts and fears and enjoy life. 

I never want stress dictate but be put a ease by enjoying my own company aswell with other people and just let me feet move, and not fast but a good pace so I can really feel the enjoyment of being outdoors and that is what I did when taking my son out. I want Henry to love walking too as it is good exercise it gets us both out and enjoying our time. He does a lot of moaning but when he gets to see the trains, everything is right again and I want him to enjoy trains and helicopters, and my company. 

I find when he gets to see the things he loves eases the stress of being a parent and has helped us to bond. He wants to be just excited about these things as much as he finds them, so I do. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 


Sunday, 3 April 2022

I was hacked/Be careful online

What a day so far. I have just been into Halifax because some hackers have used my card to buy items from online retailers, so I have had to cancel my card and get the money refunded. It sickens me that there are people who do that, and relieved in realising and getting it sorted out.

It has made me weary in buying online and from now on going to use cash rather then debit, and stop buying items online. 

I have had passed experiences and thought it wouldn't happen again, because I know what comes in and out of my account and now going to be more vigilant over where my money goes. 

How should we protect our money?

  • Check your bank account everyday and write down what has been debited and what you spent via debits and paid by cash. 
  • Never to rely on buying online all of the time, and look how you can save when buying items or spending online. Keep tabs on buying from individual sellers to make sure the items are legit and are what you have purchased. 
  • Make sure the lock symbol is in the tab bar at the top to make sure noone can hack into it, and if you have been hacked go to the bank straight away and speak to the fraud department of your bank. 
  • Be careful when outdoors and using your phones to buy whilst on the go, as you never know anyone on a bus or train for example can copy those details. 
  • Invest in a shredder and shred any paper work that has your personal details on.

So, I hope this helps you and please do be careful as it is such an awful feeling when you've been hacked and be aware of who has your details. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Anger and lashing out

It is the beginning of the week and all the headlines have been since yesterday is about Will Smith and the Oscars and I never really watch award shows, couple of my friends love them and watch every single one but not me. 

I do daydream about them, because my ambition is to have one of my books written to be made into a TV show, and picture myself winning a BAFTA or a Best Comedy Awards, but in terms of watching I like snippets, but not watching the whole thing. 

Anger is the strange thing, and for me it shows how when it is a celebrity that we forget they have feelings and they are still human beings. I think it reminds us about the times we live in now. We have to be so careful as to what to say, but that everyone should be allowed to show their anger. I don't condone to hitting someone, I used to do that as a kid. Yet as kid if someone hit me I'd hit them back. 

I would get into fights, but did they ever make a different?

It depends on who it was. I was a bullied where I lived as a kid in my neighbourhood and at school. 

They could be tough times and it did effect me. I have a book that I bought a long time ago about anger. With me I just explode that is why I don't like getting angry. I find it can take over your entire body. It can raise a lot of guilt. It can stir hidden feelings and make you shout rather than talking it through. 

When I have been angry I would often try and take myself out of the situation but that is not always possible. and, 

so, should you just sit and take it when someone is making fun of you, and you are offended by it? 

I have been picked on when I went to a comedy store in London, but I loved it and it was such good fun, that I never minded. 

However it can be in the way someone has spoken to you. I have often been in a situation where someone has spoken at me. This can feel like a personal attack. So asks the question, 

if things get super personal should you shout and scream?

It can be hard not to, as you feel the anger rising and rising. Boundaries do need to be set, and if you don't speak up, then that person won't know that they have done wrong, and when I was a kid and me and brother argued it would be all day sometimes, and run our parents down because of that, so I would could, go into my nans bathroom for example, and sit in the bath. 

So if you can find a spot where you can have some quiet then do it. 

Pull them over and talk to them in a quiet place to let them know that they have been out of order, rather than shouting. I know easier said then done, 

but do you want to argue for ever? 

It it is getting too much and you feel on breaking point?  

then situation needs to be sorted out. 

As a parent my son can often lash out. I do have to put this under control as he needs to know that it isn't correct way to behave, but just talk. I will meet him eye level and talk to him and go over why he is kicking off and see how we can work together to stop him having those feelings, and sort it out before he lashes out. 

Sorry is okay but if the person says this and does it again, then it's not sorry, it is an excuse for them to take over your own wellbeing. Boundaries needs to be set, and so make it clear that they are getting to you and they either stop or you will leave them to it and only will I talk once my son for example has continued on being misbehaving and being rude. 

You have to definitely as children can test our patience nip their anger in the bud, but still allow then to express themselves. 

So, what do you think? I'd love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X