Monday, 5 December 2022

Making the most of the weekend

So here we are end of another weekend, and tomorrow starts a new week, and I have just finished watching England Win against Senegal and I am a football fan. I know stating the obvious, why would I watch if I am not a fan? If I don't like something and have no interest I don't watch it.

My love of football began as a kid after 1990, but it has always been on as my mum, brother and dad were all fans, before I was and then it started overnight. 

Before I began going football I was scared of football supporters, but then it all changed and never looked back. I felt that football was changing too much, and I did start to fall out of love with it because the diving and not taking certain cup games, like the FA cup seriously, but I love it and do really feel nervous when watching England or Chelsea win or lose and like lower league football.

As a kid I did originally support Liverpool and then spurs and then Chelsea and was allowed to decide for myself and that is important, but really I love going to a football match, and love the atmosphere. It is so good as my nieces birthday gift was to see Chelsea Ladies play, and going lower league matches it is a lot cheaper and when there is a ground nearby then you not having to travel far either. It depends on the club but it is just a good afternoon, and great to do at the weekends. 

I like supporting different sports and when the rugby league returns in the UK next year now as they play summer season be going to some matches too, and again a good afternoon out rather than staying in all the time. 

Have a great week ahead.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal  


Friday, 2 December 2022

Something different for a Friday

It is the end of the week and we are in December. I do have some gifts, and got to get my Christmas cards next and actually make sure that friends and family actually receive them as I always leave them to the last minute. 

I often become a humbug because a lot of retailers this time of year rip you off and make out they have a sale but actually not. You have to do your maths and what I do I get the idea of what I want to buy and browse in different stores on the high street and online to get a good deal.

None of your friends and family want you to spend a fortune but just spend time with them and so the price of an item doesn't matter it's the quality for me and if the person really needs it and I have created for my parenting blog a gift guide printable. You will find in this blog here: 

Tonight we went for a meal because my son wanted to order his food and so thought it would be a great idea to do something different on a Friday. 

The other thing I like to do at the end of the week is to spend time with my son and it was so nice to collect him from school, normally he gets a taxi to and from school, and now he is in bed as I finish this blog and like watching a bit of TV.

Tonight because of the football at the weekend, watched Strictly come dancing and taking my son to football again and then we are off to see a pantomime on Sunday and I like having these sorts of things to look forward too, and making the most out of the weekend. 

I hope you too have a good weekend and I will blog on this site on Sunday.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, 28 November 2022

Life is not about having things but experiences that last forever and create good memories

Beginning of the week and catching up on Youtube. I have done my plan for the week and the five things I want to do today, and followed Mel Robbins technique of getting out of bed. watching this video:

 am loving the space I have in my bedroom now and really want to declutter and sort my desk out next and it has made me see that I don't thousand of things to make me feel good, but minimal and I need to let the hoarder go. 

Life is about experiences and not having things that clog up and spending lots of money on clothes and shoes. I have enough and going to to do next January to come, of no spending, only on what I need and set myself a financial goal.

I really feel that my life is taking shape and gong to focus on Christmas, getting my hair cut as I feel like it is to long and straggly. One of my goals for this part of the year and take time with my hair and would like to style my hair each day and not just scooped up in a ponytail. You have to give yourself a make over if you feel like I do, as self care is so important for wellbeing and confidence. 

I want to dress up for Christmas and get into the spirit and buy my son a new Christmas jumper and planned out my outfit and yesterday I filmed a new Sunday chat video, talking about Anxiety over Christmas   and I am not going to stress and noone should, but enjoy the day and spending time with family and friends. I like the meal, having a glass of wine or champagne, even a snowball and buy some Mulled Wine and Baileys.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Typical London Gal

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Life is about living not just breathing

Sunday night and I am uploading a Sunday chat video and I talking about having anxiety over Christmas and going to try my hardest to keep this going as I like having a video go live at the end of the week. 

Now it is up, so check out my channel Typical London Gal Carrie Holmes. 

It is good to say I had a great weekend and having a tidy and room cleared of so much stuff to feel life changing and has made a difference and it has taken doing total reset which I have filmed it, to make me feel this way. I would recommend it. 

I still got my desk to clear and at the side of my wardrobe, and will be getting this done to help me even more.

I like functional spaces, and getting my life together. 

This has helped me get more stuff to be done that has been waiting, like I need to continue working on my new book and got a Christmas guide printable to do for parents and all do my gift guide videos and complete my Christmas presents for this year and then getting down to completing my goals and plan for 2023. 

Do wish the weeks would slow down, but I have to remind myself you can't change time. What I can change is managing my time and doing things that are important to me. Life should never be wasted, and make time for the things you love. This week I want to get my hair done and got appointments, and I do get anxious about it but change it to being excited and tell myself if I do this, it will lead me to other things. Like I know if I take the call I have scheduled will take me to my goal for this year and that is to work outside, and this will help build my life up to inspire others. 

Life shouldn't be struggle, but joyous and I want to help with that. I know I can't change life events or prices going up, but what I can do is teach what I have learned through life, to others at no cost and give support. That is why I started writing a blog and making Youtube videos. 

Helping other parents like giving tips on what I have learned from being a mum myself. It is important as parents we take care of ourselves and learning to love yourself and still having an identity and not just a mum, but a guardian who sets a good example, but not afraid to express themselves. 

It is okay to have a day where you want to focus on you, that you want a day off from being mum and get your hair done and if your confident enough learn to cut your own hair, you still learn skills via the internet and using the internet positively. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 

Friday, 25 November 2022

Being productive feels good

I have done a total reset and sorting out my room and boy I am pleased with its progress and it has been very therapeutic and totally needed. I will take a photo and add it to this blog of the clear out I have done and even got my sons bed ready for when he comes over, and so going to do few computer tasks to do and then going to wait downstairs for when he arrives. 

I feel so good in seeing the transformation and even though there was a part of me not believing I would get it completed and yes still got my desk to do, but include it when I do a reset on Sunday and Monday. 

I may be working on Monday outside for a nursery I am just waiting to find out, but so glad to see my room taking shape. 

It is good to sort things out in your life that is getting too much and I was a super productive day, and good to have time to put on audio book or music, I watch youtube whilst I did my total reset and nearly forgot about Teams meeting, but was okay and just go the time wrong and was sorting out documents I needed to hope to have some work outside on Monday but looks like this isn't happening, however not going to stress about it, and see what the week ahead brings. 

I am so used to setbacks that I am kind of immune to them now, and if it not meant to be then so be it. 

Stressing all the time does no good and the stress can lead to high levels of anxiety and wanting to be invisible, and so I am trying not worry and take knock backs but keep moving forward with the world and what life brings and keep growing. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Typical London Gal 

Sunday, 20 November 2022

There are some brilliant people in the world

It is late Friday and just got my son to bed, but have been watching Children In Need and I watch this every year and did donate and it is amazing what people do to make a difference for others and why I blog because I like to make a difference, not to win an award but because I love giving to others. 

One of my goals for 2023, I want to do more Charity walks up London again, as I love it and took a break, as I have been battling with my mental health and so ready to go back. 

Today as I continue this blog (Sunday 20th November 2022) and went to an award ceremony because my on has been having horse riding lessons at school at the RDA in Ewell and teaches horse riding for children with disabilities, and so nice seeing the children and young adults collecting their awards. 

Many of the organizers of this event were volunteers and it was very well put together, and it really brings home how many amazing people there are in the world. It is these people who deserve awards and they were, and makes me want to continue on writing my blogs to make a difference to people's life and these are people were retired, and just looking after the kids aswell as looking after the horses and in all weathers. 

I did take photos and so if you'd like to see a photo from this afternoon then check out my Instagram, Typicallondongal 

If you'd like to check out the riding school then here is a link, and not sponsored in anyway I just think it is a brilliant riding school,

So I am gong to enjoy my evening and get bits done before it is a new week. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Getting my stuff together

It is Thursday evening and I feel like I need to do some bits like I always do when it is this time of the day which is 7pm, and this helps me get any last tasks done before bed to start a fresh the next day. 

I am not sure if I will get this blog done, but like to write everyday and share my thoughts.  I look around me and need to do more of a reset, and if this if the first blog you have read of mine then welcome, here I talk about my thoughts and feelings and want to write this blog everyday, but it tricky but going to make more of an effort. 

In the last few months I have been doing a Autumn Reset    but need to do more and so next week I am going to use part of it to get my life together and have a good sort out and decide on what is going to stay and what items I want to let go. 

I feel I need to be set for the new year and with Christmas there is a lot of organisation and so that is my aim and be free from stuff. I put my hands up, "I am a hoarder" and "I need to stop accumulating stuff and I think I will film it to help others do the same, who has my problem. 

So going to stop this blog here but will back tomorrow. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal